Subcomité de Agronegocios

The purpose of this committee is to identify, strengthen, and grow both existing and new business opportunities in the bilateral agro/food-industry. We are a networking forum for agro/food business people with the objective of sharing, creating and proposing innovation in the agro/food-industry.

  • Create a community of innovation, growth, opportunity for agro/food businesses in both Canada and Mexico.
  • Keep the membership and the Mexico-Canada business community informed through studies, key publications and information. Report on trends in international trade, especially on programs of promotion of imports and exports..
  • Communicate and keep members informed about changes in the regulatory environment and content of the commercial agreements in force between Mexico and Canada.
  • Foster awareness and cooperation between government and business.

Presidente de Comité

Matt Grant
Founder & CEO – Rancho Nexo.

Humberto Mayorga
Head of Agribusiness – Rancho Nexo.